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Other wildlife websites

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Some links are given below to websites or newsgroups for reporting records of other wildlife or which provide summaries of previous records or recent reports.  For some items (online publications), html versions (where available) will be quicker to download than pdfs.  Links last checked 9 March 2007.

Waterford Wildlife

Recent news and sightings from Co Waterford - see also the Fauna of Waterford publication series, including those on dragonflies, moths & butterflies, and amphibians, reptiles & amphibians (links to downloadable copies below).


Dragonfly Ireland

Website of the Dragonfly Ireland project including records up to 2004.


Irish Odonata

New website with recent reports of dragonflies & damselflies.


Dragonflies of Waterford city & County - pdf or html version

Fauna of Waterford Series, No.4: Detailed summary & maps of dragonfly & damselfy records up to 2000.  Not available 9 March 2007.


Butterfly Ireland

National distribution maps and recent reports of migrant and resident butterflies.


Moths Ireland newsgroup

Newsgroup for discussion of moth identification, reporting of interesting records etc - details of how to join are given.


Lepidoptera of Waterford City & County - pdf version

Fauna of Waterford Series, No.1:  Detailed summary & maps of moth & butterfly records up to 2000.



Online guide to the moths of Briatin & Ireland - currently 1618 species illustrated.


Basking Sharks

Reporting scheme and recent sightings (which include Ireland) run by the UK Marine Conservation Society.


Irish Whale & Dolphin Group

Reporting scheme & recent sightings of cetaceans.


Amphibians, Reptiles & Mammals of Waterford City & County - pdf version

Fauna of Waterford Series, No.2:  Detailed summary & maps of records up to 2000.


Lizard survey

National survey of Common Lizards, 2004-2005.



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