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I-WeBS: Waterford coverage

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Irish Wetland Bird Survey (I-WeBS): Waterford site-coverage
Sites or sub-sites counted as part of I-WeBS in Co Waterford are listed below.  These are counted as often as possible, ideally monthly, during the September-March each year, although 2-4 months coverage per winter is more frequent.   (Some sites, especially on open coasts, have been counted only infrequently.)  Sites along the River Blackwater and Blackwater Estuary, on the border with Cork, are organized and counted as part of Cork coverage for I-WeBS.   Where grid references and Site and Sub-site Codes are shown, these have been allocated by the national I-WeBS organizers, BirdWatch Ireland; but note that "official" codes were not available for sites along the Blackwater at time of compiling this page.   Site-boundaries are documented on maps held by national and local organizers. 
The largest and most important sites, Dungarvan Harbour and Tramore Backstrand, are counted by small teams of observers, and additional help with these or other sites is always welcome.  Anyone who would like to help with counts should get in touch with the current I-WeBS organizer for Waterford: emailLast updated 2 March 2005.
Site code Site Sub-site code Sub-site Grid-ref Comment
Blackwater Estuary Kinsalebeg X117800 Waterford shore of estuary
Blackwater Estuary [Tourig River - Co Cork] X095804 Cork shore
0M402 Dungarvan Harbour 0M402 X260920
0M403 Waterford Harbour 0M498 Barrow Bridge - Creadan Strand S703100 Waterford and Wexford shores
0M403 Waterford Harbour Cheekpoint - Passage East part of sub-site 0M498
0M403 Waterford Harbour 0M499 Passage East - Creadan Head S703067 part of sub-site 0M498
Waterford Harbour Dunmore East Pier S690005 usually counted separately
0M405 Tramore Back Strand & Bay 0M406 (entire site) X595995 rarely counted simultaneously
0M405 Tramore Back Strand & Bay 0M401 Tramore Back Strand [incl. Boating Lake] S615015 main Tramore count-site
0M405 Tramore Back Strand & Bay 0M501 Tramore Boating Lake S585013 especially Black-tailed Godwits
0M405 Tramore Back Strand & Bay 0M492 Outer Tramore Bay X595995 counts require calm conditions
Blackwater Callows [Ballyderown - Co Cork] R830000
Blackwater Callows [Kilmurry - Co Cork] W870997
Blackwater Callows Ballynerroon W920990
Blackwater Callows Blackwater Lodge W990900
Blackwater Callows Towers Area X010990
Lower Blackwater River Ballynatray X070820
Lower Blackwater River Newport X090840
Lower Blackwater River Camphire X085910
Lower Blackwater River Dromana X090950
River Bride Mogeely Bridge W950940 especially Whooper Swans
River Bride Tallowbridge W995940 especially Whooper Swans
0M301 River Suir Lower 0M389 Fiddown-Tibberaghny S457200
0M301 River Suir Lower 0M303 Fiddown Bridge (only) S466198 part of Fiddown - Tibberaghny
River Suir Lower (0M360/361) Coolfinn/Portnascully S480140 especially Greylag Geese
0M301 River Suir Lower 0M360 Coolfinn S480140 part of Coolfin/Portnascully
0M301 River Suir Lower 0M361 Derrigal-Portnascully S505126 part of Coolfin/Portnascully
0M301 River Suir Lower 0M390 Belview - Little Island - Faithlegg S651118
River Suir Lower Little Island S651118 part of sub-site 0M390
Lakes etc
Monaneea Lake X2184
0M001 Belle Lake 0M001 S663045
0M002 Ballinlough 0M002 S449033
0M003 Pouldrew Pond 0M003 S509115
0M004 Ballyscanlan Lake 0M004 S541030
0M005 Kilmeaden Cream (Blackknock) 0M005 S5108 aka Kilmeaden pools
0M101 Ballyshunnock Reservoir 0M101 S455095
0M102 Knockaderry Reservoir 0M102 S495060
0M103 Carrickavrantry Reservoir 0M103 S549022
Open shore sites (irregular counts)
Whiting Bay
Clonea Strand
Ballyvoony X382972
Ballydowane Bay X405975
Bunmahon Bay X435985

Ballyshunnock Reservoir (part) - low water levels

Tramore Bay

Ballydwan Bay

Dungarvan Harbour

Photos   P.M. Walsh unless otherwise noted.

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