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Bird records October-November 2006

Waterford bird records October-November 2006

See migrant lepidoptera page also (highlights below)

November 2006
Sun 26 Nov:
DERRIGAL/PORTNASCULLY:  Pink-footed Goose with 117 Greylag Geese on the Co Kilkenny (Portnsacully) side of R. Suir.
COOLFIN:  2 Mediterranean Gulls (1st-winter & 2nd-winter).
FIDDOWN/TIBBERAGHNY:  15 Whooper Swans on Kilkenny side.
KNOCKADERRY RESERVOIR:  12 Little Grebes, 138 Mallard & 29 Tufted Duck among other species.
Sat 25 Nov:
ARDMORE BAY:  Adult Mediterranean Gull, Red-throated Diver.
VILLIERSTOWN (R. Blackwater):  Water Rail, Common Sandpiper & a late Red Admiral.
Sat 18 Nov:
KILBRIDE, nr Tramore:  Long-eared Owl.
ARDMORE STRAND:  2 Black Redstarts.
RAM HEAD:  Female Merlin.
Thurs 16 Nov:
Nr LISMORE:  A late Red Admiral at Carrignagour.
Weds 15 Nov:
CLONEA STRAND:  3 Purple Sandpipers at Ballinclamper.
Mon 13 Nov:
WHITING BAY:  4 Whimbrel, 23 Choughs.
BALLYMACARBRY:  Little Egret flying north.
Sun 12 Nov:
DUNGARVAN:  Adult BLACK BRANT (1st seen 1st Nov).
CAMPHIRE:  214 Whooper Swans, nr the Bride/Blackwater confluence.
BALLINAMONA:  2 White Wagtails.
Sat 11 Nov:
HELVICK HEAD:  Female Blackcap.
DUNGARVAN: Red-throated Diver & Whimbrel at Ballynagaul.
BALLINARD:  Whimbrel.
BALLYVOONEY COVE:  Red-throated Diver.
BUNMAHON:  Red-throated Diver.
Thurs 9 Nov:
RAM HEAD:  Great Skua & 50+ dolphins.
Weds 8 Nov:
DUNGARVAN:  Snow Bunting at the Cunnigar.
Weds 8 Nov:
Sun 5 Nov:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  2 Chiffchaffs; also 5 Bottlenose Dolphins offshore.
TRAMORE BAY:  11 Red-throated Divers & 1 Great Northern Diver.
TRAMORE SANDHILLS:  Owl species seen, most likely Short-eared.
BUNMAHON BAY:  750 Lesser Black-backed Gulls roosting at dusk, 3 Red-throated Divers.
Sat 4 Nov:
HELVICK HEAD:  A late Whinchat at the cliff car-park; hundreds of Common Dolphins offshore.
ARDMORE:  Red-throated Diver & 2nd-winter Mediterranean Gull in Bay, male Blackcap and a late Red Admiral at Ardmore Head.
RAM HEAD:  Merlin, also a Humpback Whale, Fin Whale & hundreds of Common Dolphins.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Hummingbird Hawk-moth.
Fri 3 Nov:
COMERAGH MOUNTAINS:  Female or immature Hen Harrier on the southern slopes, Jay at Davbeg, & Red Admirals at two locations (up to 450 m).
Thurs 2 Nov:
RAM HEAD:  3 Fin Whales & up to 100 dolphins (either Common or Striped Dolphin).
Nr LISMORE:  Small numbers of Red Admirals still present.
Weds 1 Nov:
DUNGARVAN:  Adult BLACK BRANT, 2 dark-bellied Brent Geese & 480 light-bellied Brent.
October 2006
Last updated 13 April 2007
Mon 30 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Merlin, 2 Redwings, male Blackcap, 4 Chiffchaffs (including 1 northern/eastern Chiffchaff).
Sun 29 Oct:
Nr LITTLE ISLAND:  Common Sandpiper.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Merlin, 2 Reed Warblers, female Blackcap, 3 Chiffchaffs (1 northern/eastern); migrant moths included 3 Cosmopolitan & 2 Gem.
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  Female/immature Hen Harrier (at Lisselan), 41 Little Egrets, 215 Brent Geese & a late Sandwich Tern.
ANNESTOWN:  Hummingbird Hawk-moth.
Sat 28 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Female Blackcap, 4 Chiffchaffs (1 northern/eastern); migrant moths included 3 Cosmopolitan, 6 Delicate, White-speck, Scarce Bordered Straw, 3 Gem & 2 Vestal.
Tues 24 Oct:
RAM HEAD:  Small numbers of Porpoises and dolphins, also the latest Clouded Yellow so far in a good year for the species locally (and nationally)
WATERFORD CITY: Hummingbird Hawk-moth at the Ursuline Convent.
Mon 23 Oct:
Nr LISMORE:  Lots of Jays at Carrignagour today.
Sun 22 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  1st-winter female Bluethroat (1st county record - identification not confirmed until April 2007!), Yellow-browed Warbler still present (trapped & ringed), 8 Chiffchaffs (one northern/eastern Chiff), late Willow Warbler, 3 male Blackcaps, 5 Redwings & 2 Hummingbird Hawk-moths.
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  36 Little Egrets.
RAM HEAD:  Pomarine Skua, Fin Whale, 2 Porpoises & 20+ dolphin sp.
Sat 21 Oct:
ARDMORE:  4 Mediterranean Gulls.
DUNGARVAN:  Kingfisher & Common Sandpiper at Ballyneety.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Willow Warbler & 3 Chiffchaffs (including northern/eastern Chifchaff).
Fri 20 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Yellow-browed Warbler, 2 Reed Warblers & 3 Chiffchaffs in main garden.
WHITING BAY:  Wheatear.
Weds 18 Oct: 
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Female/immature Hen Harrier, male Blackcap, 3 Chiffchaffs (including a northern/eastern Chiffchaff), & late Willow Warbler.
Tues 17 Oct:
ARDMORE HEAD:  Male Blackcap & a Hummingbird Hawk-moth.
Mon 16 Oct:
Nr LISMORE:  First Redwings of the autumn, Carrignagour.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  2 Blackcaps.
Sun 15 Oct:
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  Total of 128 Brent Geese [none at Dungarvan same weekend].
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Merlin, 2 Reed Warblers, Garden Warbler, Whitethroat, 5 Chiffchaffs (including a northern/eastern Chiffchaff), & a Willow Warbler.
HELVICK HEAD:  2 Black Redstarts.
ARDMORE STRAND:  1st-winter Mediterranean Gull.
Sat 14 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Merlin, 3 Swallows, Whinchat, Reed Warbler, Whitethroat, 8 Chiffchaffs (including a northern/eastern Chiffchaff), Willow Warbler; also a Hummingbird Hawk-moth, White-speck, 2 Scarce Bordered Straw, 5 Delicate.
HELVICK HEAD:  2 Black Redstarts.
Fri 13 Oct;
Nr LISMORE:  c.40 Pied/White Wagtails, Carrignagour.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Delicate moth.
Thurs 12 Oct:
DUNGARVAN:  Ruff near the cattle mart, Ballyneety.
Weds 11 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Whitethroat, 3 Hummingbird Hawk-moths.
Tues 10 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  WRYNECK, female or immature Hen Harrier, 5 Swallows, Reed Warbler, Garden Warbler, Whitethroat, 2 Willow Warblers, 4 Chiffchaffs, 12 Goldcrests & 2+ Siskins.
Mon 9 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Juvenile ROSY STARLING (1st county record), WRYNECK, 2 Merlins, Whimbrel, 2 Swallows, male Blackcap, Willow Warbler & 7 Chiffchaffs; also 7 Hummingbird Hawk-moths, 2 Vestal, 9 Delicate & a Cosmopolitan.
RATHMYLAN COVE:  4 White Wagtails, 2 Yellowhammers.
RAM HEAD:  100 Swallows, also 100+ Common Dolphins.
Sun 8 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  WRYNECK refound, Whimbrel, Willow Warbler; migrant moths included a Hummingbird Hawk-moth, White-speck & 2 Delicate.
Sat 7 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Female or immature Hen Harrier, 6 Brent Geese (flew NW towards Tramore), 98 Skylarks, 2 Wheatears, Garden Warbler, Willow Warbler & Pied Flycatcher; migrant moths included 2 Cosmopolitan & 4 Delicate.
DUNGARVAN:  Black Redstart at the Cunnigar.
Fri 6 Oct :
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Wheatear, male Blackcap.
Weds 4 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  WRYNECK still present, 1st-yr Reed Warbler retrapped, Pied Flycatcher, 15+ Lesser Redpolls, 2 Wheatears, 3 Chiffchaffs, Willow Warbler; also 3 Delicate moths.
Tues 3 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  WRYNECK, Whinchat, Whimbrel, c.50 Skylarks, 24 Long-tailed Tits, 6 Chiffchaffs, a Willow Warbler & 20 Lesser Redpolls; also a Cosmopolitan & 9 Delicate moths.
RAM HEAD:  2 Minke Whales.
Mon 2 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  WRYNECK, Whimbrel, 2 Reed Warblers (1st-yr ringed), Pied Flycatcher, 2 Willow Warblers; also a Hummingbird Hawk-moth, Scarce Bordered Straw, 16 Delicate & 2 White-speck moths.
Sun 1 Oct:
CLONEA STRAND:  Whinchat at Ballinclamper.
DUNGARVAN:  Adult Ring-billed Gull at Barnawee.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Pied Flycatcher, 1st-yr Reed Warbler ringed, 3 Chiffchaffs & 2 Willow Warblers; migrant moths included 17 Delicate, a Vestal & a Scarce Bordered Straw.

.click below for larger images

Sparrowhawk, Dungarvan town, 25 Nov 2006 M. Cowming

Sparrowhawk, Dungarvan town, 25 November 2006 M. Cowming

Chough, west Waterford, 25 Nov 2006 A. Malcolm

Black Redstart, Ardmore, 18 Nov 2006 A.Malcolm


Stonechat, Ardmore, 18 Nov 2006 A. Malcolm

Chough, Ardmore, 18 Nov 2006 A. Malcolm

Kestrel, Ardmore, 18 Nov 2006 A. Malcolm

Red Admiral, nr Lismore, 16 Nov 2006 A. Malcolm

Choughs, Whiting Bay, 13 Nov 2006 A. Malcolm


Black Brant, adult, Dungarvan, 12 Nov 2006 D. Clarke

Snow Bunting, the Cunnigar, 8 Nov 2006 D. Clarke

Sparrowhawk, nr Ballinamult, Oct 2006 J.J. Cahill

Clouded Yellow, Ram Head, 24 Oct 2006 A. Malcolm

Yellow-browed Warbler, Brownstown Head, 22 Oct 2006 P.M. Walsh


M.A. Duggan

Black Redstart, Helvick Head, 14-15 Oct 2006 D. Clarke

Hummingbird Hawk-moth, Brownstown Head, 8 Oct 2006 P.M. Walsh

Wryneck, Brownstown Head, 4 Oct 2006 P.M. Walsh

Long-tailed Tit, Brownstown Head, 3 Oct 2006 P.M. Walsh

Reed Warbler, 1st-yr, Brownstown Head, 3 Oct 2006 P.M. Walsh

Whinchat, Ballinclamper, 1 Oct 2006 M. Cowming

Buff-breasted Sandpiper, juvenile, Ballinard, 1 Oct 2006 M. Cowming

Note: Sightings listed here are reports, not necessarily authenticated records.  * = species for which the Irish Rare Birds Committee currently requires substantiating descriptions or photographs.  Records are regularly updated, and older records added or amended where necessary .  Many thanks to observers who provided records above - any further records (current or older) would be appreciated.  
Please email any sightings, or text details of scarcer species to 0861701599; to report sightings of rarities to the national  Birds of Ireland News Service (BINS), phone 01-8307364.

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