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On this date: Co Waterford rarities
The lists below show records from 1953 to 2009 of "rare" species currently on the Irish Rare Birds Committee's Appendix 1 ("species requiring substantiating details") or Appendix 2 ("supplementary accreditation species").  Only the first recorded date for each individual is shown in a given season, but some returning (or probable returning) individuals are shown for multiple seasons.  All 1953-2006 records have been published in the relevant Irish Bird Report or Irish Rare Birds Report, with the exception of records flagged "*" (records as yet unsubmitted for formal verification by the IRBC).  Records from 2007-2009 are pending formal acceptance by IRBC. 
Records currently shown total (by month):  20 (Jan), 9 (Feb), 12 (Mar), 23 (Apr), 18 (May), 4 (June),  2 (July), 9 (August), 37 (Sep), 43 (Oct), 18 (Nov), 19 (Dec). 
Added 12 May, updated/corrected 27 May 2009.


'Black Brant' 01-Jan 2003 Dungarvan
Little Auk* 01-Jan 1992 Westown, Tramore
Little Auk 02-Jan 1988 Clonea
Little Auk 02-Jan 1992 Brownstown Head
'American' Herring Gull 03-Jan 1998 Waterford city dump
Cattle Egret 04-Jan 2008 Waterford city ring road
Little Auk (dead) 04-Jan 1991 Tramore
Water Pipit (2nd of 2)* 04-Jan 2004 Kilmeaden Pools
'Black Brant' 08-Jan 2005 Dungarvan
Red Kite 08-Jan 1981 Waterford city dump
Cattle Egret (3) 10-Jan 2009 Blackwater Callows: Scartnacrooha
Black-necked Grebe (3) 12-Jan 2009 Dungarvan: Gold Coast
'Black Brant' (2) 13-Jan 2001 Dungarvan
Little Auk 15-Jan 1988 Tramore
Glossy Ibis 16-Jan 2008 nr Youghal
Black-necked Grebe 17-Jan 2008 Dungarvan
Great White Egret* 18-Jan 2003 Dungarvan
Smew 18-Jan 1987 Knockaderry Reservoir
Black-necked Grebe (2) 20-Jan 1996 Dungarvan
Ivory Gull 21-Jan 1988 Dungarvan Harbour
Water Pipit 25-Jan 2008 Clonea Strand: Ballinclamper
Forster's Tern 26-Jan 1985 Dungarvan Harbour
Surf Scoter (2) 26-Jan 2002 Ballyvooney Cove nr Stradbally
Cattle Egret (10) 27-Jan 2008 Drumlohan nr Stradbally
Cattle Egret (4) 27-Jan 2009 Ballycrompane nr Stradbally
Red Kite 29-Jan 1983 Knockanore (R. Blackwater)
Cattle Egret (2) 30-Jan 2008 Blackwater Callows: Ballysaggart More
Surf Scoter 30-Jan 2000 Bunmahon Bay

Cattle Egret (6) 01-Feb 2008 Ballyeitragh nr Dungarvan
Avocet* 02-Feb 1996 Glendine (Blackwater valley)
Cattle Egret (5 - extra 1) 07-Feb 2009 Ballycrompane nr Clashmore
Cattle Egret (2) 09-Feb 2008 Bawngarrane nr Grange
Hawfinch 15-Feb 2008 Nier Valley
Cattle Egret (8) 16-Feb 2008 Ballycrompane nr Clashmore
Black-necked Grebe* 18-Feb 2004 Dungarvan: Ballynacourty
Caspian Gull 24-Feb 2007 Youghal/Kinsalebeg
Red Kite* Feb 1997 Waterford city dump

Forster's Tern 03-Mar 1987 Dungarvan: Barnawee
Cattle Egret 14-Mar 2009 Quillia nr Tramore Backstrand
Ring-necked Duck 15-Mar 1985 Ballyshunnock Reservoir
Forster's Tern 17-Mar 2006 Dungarvan
Woodchat Shrike 18-Mar 1990 Clonea
'Scandinavian' Rock Pipit (1st of 2) 21-Mar 2008 Clonea Strand: Ballinclamper
'Scandinavian' Rock Pipit 22-Mar 2006 Annestown
'Black Brant' 24-Mar 2000 Clonea Strand
'Scandinavian' Rock Pipit (2nd of 2) 24-Mar 2008 Clonea Strand: Ballinclamper
Little Auk (dead) 25-Mar 1984 Lismore
Avocet 31-Mar 1997 Tramore Backstrand
'Scandinavian' Rock Pipit 31-Mar 2007 Annestown

Alpine Swift 03-Apr 2005 Dungarvan: Abbeyside
Alpine Swift 03-Apr 2006 Dungarvan: town
Surf Scoter 03-Apr 1999 Ballyvooney Cove
Alpine Swift 04-Apr 2008 Dungarvan: town
Scops Owl (dead) 05-Apr 1998 Brownstown Head
Red-backed Shrike 06-Apr 2007 Ram Head
Cattle Egret (5) 12-Apr 2008 Bridgequarter nr Tourig River
'Scandinavian' Rock Pipit (2) 13-Apr 2009 Clonea Strand: Ballinclamper
Alpine Swift 16-Apr 1988 Helvick Head
Lesser Yellowlegs 17-Apr 1999 Clonea Strand
Melodious Warbler 20-Apr 1996 Brownstown Head
Bluethroat (white-spotted) 21-Apr 2008 Saleen / Rinneshark (Tramore)
Woodchat Shrike 21-Apr 2009 nr Ballydwan
Bonaparte's Gull* 24-Apr 2004 Dungarvan: Ballyneety
Whiskered Tern 24-Apr 1994 Dungarvan
Wryneck 24-Apr 2007 Clonea Strand: Ballinclamper
Melodious Warbler 25-Apr 1976 Ballymacaw
Little Bittern 26-Apr 2008 Brownstown Head
Cattle Egret (5) 27-Apr 2008 nr Clohernagh (Tramore)
Tawny Pipit 27-Apr 2008 Brownstown Head
Cattle Egret (8) 28-Apr 2009 Tourig Estuary
Little Auk 29-Apr 2007 Helvick Head
Golden Oriole 30-Apr 2005 Brownstown Head

Little Ringed Plover* 01-May 1999 Dungarvan: the Cunnigar
Hobby 02-May 1994 Helvick Head
Squacco Heron (2) 02-May 1994 Dungarvan: Killongford
Golden Oriole* 03-May 2004 Castletown Fen
Black-winged Stilt (2) 04-May 1995 Tramore
Golden Oriole (dead) 04-May 1994 Dunmore East
Great White Egret 04-May 2007 Blackwater Estuary
Subalpine Warbler 04-May 2008 Brownstown Head
Red-footed Falcon 05-May 1994 Helvick Head
Hobby 10-May 2008 Bunmahon
Golden Oriole* 11-May 1994 Brownstown Head
Hobby* 11-May 1999 Dungarvan
Red-backed Shrike* 16-May 2002 Helvick Head
Icterine Warbler 17-May 1997 Brownstown Head
Woodchat Shrike 20-May 1993 Brownstown Head
Little Bittern 24-May 2003 Clonea
Spoonbill 25-May 2002 Tramore Backstrand
Hobby (2) 28-May 2008 Mid-Waterford coast

'Scandinavian' Rock Pipit 01-Jun 2008 Goat Island nr Whiting Bay
Hobby (dead) 21-Jun 1989 Tallow
Woodchat Shrike 21-Jun 1974 Westown nr Tramore
Hobby 30-Jun 2007 Dungarvan: Ballynagaul

Night Heron 04-Jul 2000 Dungarvan: Brickey canal
Hobby* 30-Jul 1999 Helvick Head

Hobby 01-Aug 2007 Waterford Harbour: Cheekpoint
Red Kite* 19-Aug 2002 Dungarvan: the Cunnigar
Icterine Warbler 20-Aug 1983 Brownstown Head
Hobby* 22-Aug 1989 nr Tallow
Booted Warbler 26-Aug 2006 Dungarvan: the Cunnigar
Melodious Warbler 28-Aug 1974 Ballymacaw
Melodious Warbler 30-Aug 1981 Brownstown Head
Melodious Warbler 30-Aug 1985 Brownstown Head
Spoonbill* Aug 2004 Tramore Backstrand

Red Kite* 02-Sep 2001 Dungarvan
Greenish Warbler 03-Sep 2006 Brownstown Head
Hobby* 03-Sep 1999 Monayaha
Baird's Sandpiper 04-Sep 2002 Dungarvan: the Cunnigar
Hobby 04-Sep 1958 Monavullagh Mountains
Wryneck 04-Sep 2005 Brownstown Head
Fea's or Zino's Petrel 06-Sep 1998 Helvick Head
Melodious Warbler 06-Sep 1981 Rathmoylan
Little Auk* 08-Sep 1999 Helvick Head
Western Bonelli's Warbler 12-Sep 1981 Brownstown Head
Buff-breasted Sandpiper 13-Sep 2006 Clonea Strand
Icterine Warbler 13-Sep 1985 Ardmore
Semipalmated Sandpiper 13-Sep 1999 Clonea Strand
Barred Warbler 16-Sep 1989 Brownstown Head
Bonaparte's Gull 16-Sep 2008 Ardmore
Melodious Warbler (2) 16-Sep 2008 Brownstown Head
Hobby 17-Sep 2006 Villierstown (R. Blackwater)
Icterine Warbler 17-Sep 1992 Brownstown Head
Long-tailed Skua* 18-Sep 1999 Helvick Head
Lesser Grey Shrike 20-Sep 1991 Dungarvan
Long-tailed Skua 20-Sep 2006 Helvick Head
Baird's Sandpiper 22-Sep 1982 Kinsalebeg
Long-tailed Skua 23-Sep 2006 Helvick Head
Semipalmated Sandpiper 23-Sep 2006 Dungarvan: the Cunnigar
Icterine Warbler 24-Sep 1987 Brownstown Head
Barred Warbler* 26-Sep 1996 Ballynacourty Point
Hobby 26-Sep 2006 Dungarvan: Abbeyside
Icterine Warbler 26-Sep 1997 Helvick Head
Little Auk 26-Sep 2006 Ardmore
Red-breasted Flycatcher (2)* 26-Sep 1996 Ballynacourty Point
White-rumped Sandpiper 26-Sep 2006 Kinsalebeg
Semipalmated Sandpiper 27-Sep 1998 Dungarvan: the Cunnigar
Baird's Sandpiper 30-Sep 1984 Knockaderry reservoir
Red-eyed Vireo 30-Sep 2000 Ardmore Head
Black Brant' Sep 1980 Tramore
Buff-breasted Sandpiper Sep 1972 Ballyshunnock Reservoir
dowitcher species* Sep 2003 Dungarvan: Barnawee

Barred Warbler 01-Oct 2003 Brownstown Head
Buff-breasted Sandpiper 01-Oct 2006 Ballinard, near Clonea
Blackpoll Warbler 03-Oct 1993 Brownstown Head
'Black Brant' 04-Oct 2008 Dungarvan: the Cunnigar
Little Auk (2) 04-Oct 2001 Helvick Head
Red-backed Shrike 04-Oct 1993 Brownstown Head
Northern Parula 05-Oct 2003 Brownstown Head
Common Rosefinch 06-Oct 2008 Brownstown Head
Red-backed Shrike 07-Oct 2004 Clonea Strand
Red-breasted Flycatcher 08-Oct 2005 Brownstown Head
Rose-coloured Starling 09-Oct 2006 Brownstown Head
Barred Warbler 10-Oct 1981 Brownstown Head
Wryneck 10-Oct 1992 Brownstown Head
'Black Brant' 11-Oct 1988 Tramore
Common Rosefinch 11-Oct 1992 Brownstown Head
Yellow Warbler 11-Oct 1995 Brownstown Head
Red-breasted Flycatcher 13-Oct 1996 Helvick Head
Buff-breasted Sandpiper 14-Oct 1986 Dungarvan: the Cunnigar
Greenish Warbler 15-Oct 1995 Brownstown Head
Hawfinch 15-Oct 2005 Brownstown Head
Honey Buzzard* 15-Oct 2004 Ballymacart
Radde's Warbler 15-Oct 1985 Helvick Head
Red-eyed Vireo 15-Oct 1996 Hacketstown nr Mine Head
Red-eyed Vireo 17-Oct 1985 Brownstown Head
Long-tailed Skua 18-Oct 1994 nr Lemybrien
Snow Goose (2) 21-Oct 1972 Tramore
Bluethroat 22-Oct 2006 Brownstown Head
Goshawk* 22-Oct 2000 west Waterford
Ring-necked Duck 22-Oct 1989 Ballyshunnock Reservoir
Honey Buzzard 23-Oct 2001 Waterford Harbour
Little Auk (2)* 24-Oct 2004 Dungarvan Harbour
Little Auk (2)* 24-Oct 2004 Helvick Head
Barred Warbler 25-Oct 1981 Brownstown Head
Pallas's Warbler 25-Oct 1999 Helvick Head
Richard's Pipit 25-Oct 1983 Whiting Bay
Yellow-billed Cuckoo (dead) 27-Oct 1989 Waterford city: train station
Bonaparte's Gull 28-Oct 2007 Ardmore bay
Little Auk (10)* 31-Oct 1996 Ballinard
Little Auk (5)* 31-Oct 1996 Dungarvan Harbour
Long-tailed Skua (3) 29-Oct 2005 Helvick Head
Forster's Tern 30-Oct 1995 Dungarvan
Western Bonelli's Warbler 31-Oct 2005 Brownstown Head
'Black Brant' Oct 2005 Dungarvan

'Black Brant' 01-Nov 2005 Tramore Backstrand
'Black Brant' 01-Nov 2006 Dungarvan
Chimney Swift 01-Nov 2005 Dungarvan
Little Auk (2)* 01-Nov 1996 Helvick Head
Hobby 02-Nov 2008 Kilfarrasy
Spotted Sandpiper 02-Nov 1982 Ballynatray (R. Blackwater)
Little Auk* 04-Nov 1996 Helvick Head
Surf Scoter 05-Nov 2005 Ballyvooney Cove
American Golden Plover 08-Nov 2008 Dungarvan
Lesser Scaup 12-Nov 1999 Ballyshunnock Reservoir
Pallas's Warbler 12-Nov 2003 Brownstown Head
Spotted Sandpiper 14-Nov 2007 Tourig Estuary
Surf Scoter 19-Nov 2004 Ballyvooney Cove
'Black Brant' 25-Nov 1978 Tramore
'Black Brant' 25-Nov 2005 Dungarvan
Little Auk (7)* 27-Nov 1999 Helvick Head
Ring-necked Duck* 27-Nov 1988 Ballyshunnock Reservoir
Little Auk 29-Nov 1986 Dungarvan: Ballymacourty

Water Pipit 01-Dec 2003 Kilmeaden Pools
Spoonbill 05-Dec 2005 Kilbride South nr Tramore
Surf Scoter (2) 05-Dec 2003 Ballyvooney Cove
Red Kite (dead) 08-Dec 1990 Kilmacthomas
Water Pipit (1st of 2) 20-Dec 2004 Kilmeaden Pools
Little Auk 21-Dec 1979 Ballygagin
Cattle Egret 25-Dec 2007 Garrarus
Red Kite 25-Dec 2005 Pickardstown nr Tramore
'Black Brant' 26-Dec 1986 Dungarvan
Water Pipit (2nd of 2) 27-Dec 2004 Kilmeaden Pools
Lesser Yellowlegs 28-Dec 2005 Dungarvan: Ballyneety
Little Auk 28-Dec 2002 Dungarvan
Little Auk (2) 28-Dec 1990 Clonea
Little Auk (2) 28-Dec 1990 Helvick Head
Cattle Egret (2) 29-Dec 2007 Dungarvan: Killongford
Cattle Egret (3) 29-Dec 2008 Drumlohan nr Stradbally
Little Auk 29-Dec 1990 Brownstown Head
Black-necked Grebe 30-Dec 1996 Dungarvan
Cattle Egret 31-Dec 2008 nr Annestown Bog


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