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Guide to birdwatching sites in Co Waterford           (30 March 2005)


Site list

Coastal headlands, coves & valleys

Major estuaries

Inland marshes, lakes & rivers

Upland areas

Bird Atlas

2010 Breeding Atlas report to the Heritag Council (3.3 mb pdf 02/12/2010)

2009 Breeding Atlas report to the Heritage Council (3.1 mb pdf minor update 25/01/2010)

2008 report to the Heritage Council (added 08/01/2009)

October 2008 Atlas Newsletter (added 30/10/2008)

March 2008 Atlas Newsletter (added 29/03/2008)

Summary of Waterford Breeding Bird Atlas methods (added 11/04/2008)

Click here to download forms & instructions from the British Trust Ornithology website (www.birdatlas.net).


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