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Ringing recoveries: other non-passerines

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Ringing recoveries (from or to Co Waterford): other non-passerines
Last updated 22 March 2005.
Species, Ringing location, Recovery location, Circumstances,
age/sex, ring number coordinates, date, time, weight coordinates, date, time, weight distance, interval
Gannet Les Etacs, Alderney (Channel Islands) Tramore (Co Waterford) Found dead on beach
Pullus/chick (1) 49.42N,02.15W 52.10N,07.10W 440 km NW
F12094 10-Jun-1989 6-Jan-1993 1306 days (3.6 yrs)
Gannet Grassholm, Dyfed (Wales) Near Helvick Head (Co Waterford) Caught in net
Pullus/chick (1) 51.44N,05.29W 52.01N,07.31W WNW
1049754 28-Jun-1965 26-Nov-1990 9282 days (25.4 yrs!)
Cormorant Little Saltee (Co Wexford) Kilmeadan (Co Waterford) Found shot
4-Jun-1977 3-Oct-1978 486 days
Cormorant Keeragh Islands (Co Wexford) Kilmeadan (Co Waterford) Found shot
5066687 12-Jun-1977 9-Oct-1977 119 days
Shag Keeragh Islands (Co Wexford) Tramore (Co Waterford) Found shot
1127866 Jul_1978 Oct_1977 4 months
Whooper Swan Skjalftavatn (Iceland) R. Blackwater Callows (Co Waterford) Resighted as pair
ad male + ad female 3-Aug-1990 13-Jan-1991 & 4-Mar-1992 163 days
A2528 & A2579
Whooper Swan Iceland many other resightings of neck-banded
or colour-ringed birds in Co Waterford
Garganey Braunschweig (West germany) Clashmore (Co Waterford) [Recovered]
Aug_1963 Jan_1964
Teal Texel (Netherlands) Co Waterford, 1986 Shot
Period 1981-86 Jan_1986
Teal Fano (Denmark) Knockeen (Co Waterford) [Recovered]
M1180 Sept_1931 Jan_1932 4 months
Red Kite Site confidential (Scotland) Kilclooney (Co Waterford) Freshly dead
1st-yr (3) 57N,04W (captive release programme) 52.12N,07.25W
HT13699 3-Aug-1990 8-Dec-1990 127 days
Sparrowhawk Rathcurby Wood, Mooncoin (Co Kilkenny) Brownstown Head (Co Waterford) Controlled/recaptured
Pullus/chick (1) June_1992 June_1992
Hen Harrier Locality withheld (Co Waterford) Tacumshin Lake (Co Wexford) Found dead
Pullus/chick (1) 27-Jun-79 52.12N,06.28W 82 km
FV32957 4-Nov-1981 861 days (2.4 yrs)
Peregrine Co Waterford Co Waterford [Recovered]
Pullus/chick (1) 1988
Oystercatcher Western Isles (Scotland) Dungarvan (Co Waterford) [Recovered]
FC05213 May_1986 May_1998 12 yrs
Oystercatcher Dungarvan (Co Waterford) Westray, Orkney (Scotland) Found dead
Adult (4) 52.06N,07.33W 59.18N,02.58W 849 km NNE
FR06251 25-Nov-1989 4-May-1994 1621 days (4.4 yrs)
Oystercatcher Dungarvan (Co Waterford) Ballantrae, Strathclyde (Scotland) Found dead
Adult (4) 52.06N,07.33W 55.06N,05.00W 373 km NNE
FC22229 15-Oct-1988 19-Apr-1993 1647 days (4.5 yrs)
Oystercatcher Grampian (Scotland) Co Waterford [Dungarvan?], 1990 Controlled/recaptured
Oct & Nov 1988 (6 birds)
Oystercatcher Scotland Dungarvan (Co Waterford) Controlled/recaptured
Oct & Nov 1988 (6 birds)
Ringed Plover Dungarvan (Co Waterford) Annan, Dumfries & Galloway (Scotland) Reringed NV71118
Adult male (4M) 52.05N,07.37W 54.58N,03.16W 430 km NE
NV08855 12-Nov-1988 23-May-1993 1653 days (4.5 yrs)
Lapwing Aflandshage (Denmark) Ballyduff Lower (Co Waterford) Found dead in snowstorm
Pullus/chick, 629943 15-Jul-1977 8-Jan-1982 1638 days (4.5 yrs)
Black-tailed Godwit The Wash (NE England) Tramore Boating Lake (Co Waterford) Colour ring re-sighting
Full-grown 1995 26-Nov-1995 & later winters
red over white, right tibia (63 birds ringed with these colours) (Maximum 1 bird at any one time)
Black-tailed Godwit Reykjavik (Iceland) Tramore Boating Lake (Co Waterford) Colour ring re-sighting
Adult male 24-Apr-2000 17-Dec-2000, 2-Dec-2001 & 20-Jan-2002
yellow over pale green (L), white over pale green (R)
Black-tailed Godwit Alftafjordur (Iceland) Tramore Boating Lake (Co Waterford) Colour ring re-sighting
Adult male 4-May-2000 17-Dec-2000, 26-Nov-2001 & 16-Jan-2002
orange over orange (L), red over pale green (R)
Black-tailed Godwit Alftafjordur (Iceland) Tramore Boating Lake (Co Waterford) Colour ring re-sighting
Adult female 4-May-2000, at breeding grounds 20-Jan-2002
yellow over yellow (L), red over pale green (R)
Black-tailed Godwit Borgarnes (Iceland) Tramore Boating Lake (Co Waterford) Colour ring re-sighting
Adult female 27-Apr-2001 2-Dec-2001 & 27-Jan-2002
white over red (L), yellow over pale green
Curlew Dungarvan (Co Waterford) Fleetwood, Lancashire (England) Controlled/retrapped
1st-yr (3) 52.06N,07.33W 367 km NE
FC22207 15-Oct-1988 14-May-1990 576 days
Curlew Sysma, Mikkeli (Finland) R. Blackwater, Lismore (Co Waterford) Bird found
Pullus/chick (1) 61.33N,25.40W 52.8N,07.55W 2282 km WSW
CT11988 23-Jun-1983 15-Nov-1987 1606 days (4.4 yrs)
Snipe Grantham, Lincolnshire (England) Raheen, Kilmeadan (Co Waterford) Shot
Adult (4) 52.58N,00.40W 52.14N,07.15W 452 km W
RJ03489 19-Aug-1995 6-Dec-1999 1570 days (4.3 yrs)
Snipe Netherlands Kilmacthomas Shot
K81141 Sep_1958 Feb_1959 5 months
Dunlin Dungarvan (Co Waterford) Ottenby (Sweden) Controlled/retrapped
Adult (4) 52.06N,07.33W 1622 km ENE
NS62006 25-Nov-1988 24-Jul-1990 606 days
Dunlin Dungarvan (Co Waterford) Gdansk (Poland) Controlled/retrapped
1st-yr (3) 52.06N,07.33W 54.22N,18.56E 1779 km E
NS36515 29-Oct-1988 23-Jul-1989 267 days
Dunlin Dungarvan (Co Waterford) Luvia (Finland) Controlled/retrapped
1st-yr male (3M) 52.06N,07.33W
NS62005 25-Nov-1988 14-Jul-1989
Redshank Waterford [Dungarvan?] Breidafjordur (Iceland) Controlled/retrapped
1st-yr (3) 52.15N,07.07W [52.06N,07.33W?] 65.22N,22.55W 1711 km NW
DN75251 15-Oct-1988 10-Jun-2002 4986 days (13.6 yrs)
Black-headed Gull Berrington, Shrewsbury, Shropshire The Cunnigar, Dungarvan (Co Waterford) Found dead
Pullus/chick (1) (England)  339 km WSW (259 deg)
EJ94904 21-Jun-1983 31-Dec-1986 1289 days (3.5 yrs)
Black-headed Gull Germany Waterford city Found dead
0051/4623 Jul_1987 Feb_1992 4.5 yrs
Black-headed Gull Lithuania Co Waterford, c.1991 [Recovered]
Black-headed Gull Cambridge (England) Co Waterford, c.1991 [Recovered]
Black-headed Gull Gdansk (Poland) Helvick Head (Co Waterford) [Recovered]
Adult c.1990
Black-headed Gull Poland Helvick Head (Co Waterford) [Recovered]
Pullus/chick (1) c.1990
Black-headed Gull Pontrhydfendigaid, Cardiganshire (Wales) Dungarvan Found dead
3081854 Jun_1966 Jun_1976 19 yrs
Mediterranean Gull site-name not shown (Belgium) Whiting Bay, Ardmore (Co Waterford) Colour-ring read in field
Pullus/chick (1) 51.57N,07.46W
colour-ring 16-Jun-2001 5-Aug-2002 415 days
Common Gull Denmark Co Waterford [Recovered]
Pullus/chick (1) c.1991
Lesser Black-backed Gull Skokholm Island, Dyfed (Wales) Dungarvan (Co Waterford) Freshly dead
Pullus/chick (1) 51.42N,07.37W 52.05N,07.37W 167 km WNW
AT75973 31-Jul-1961 30-May-1993 11,626 days (31.8 yrs)!
Lesser Black-backed Gull Skokholm Island, Dyfed (Wales) Dunmore East (Co Waterford) [Recovered]
51.42N,07.37W c.1988
Lesser Black-backed Gull Copeland Islands (Co Down) Tooraneena, Ballinamult (Co Waterford) Sick, poor condition
Pullus/chick (1) 54.41N,05.31W 52.12N,07.43W 312 km SW
GJ26664 26-Jul-1981 11-Aug-1983 746 days (2 yrs)
Herring Gull Dyfed (Wales) Co Waterford, c.1988 [Recovered]
Great Black-backed Gull Great Saltee (Co Wexford) Dunmore East (Co Waterford) Dead
Pullus/chick (1) 52.06N,06.37W 25 km
1-Jun-1967 10-Mar-1988 7588 days (20.8 yrs)!
Great Black-backed Gull Great Saltee (Co Wexford) Kilmacthomas (Co Waterford) [Recovered]
Pullus/chick (1) 52.06N,06.37W
28-Jun-1975 4-Jun-1984 3264 days (9 years)
Kittiwake Great Saltee (Co Wexford) Dunmore East (Co Waterford) Colour-ring resighted
Pullus/chick (1) 52.06N,06.37W 52.09N,07.00W (up to 3 other adults
colour-ringed 1978-81 breeding adult 1991, 1992 & 1995 1983, 1994 & 1995)
Kittiwake Dunmore East (Co Waterford) Great Saltee (Co Wexford) Colour-ring read in field
Pullus/chick (1) 52.09N,07.00W 52.06N,06.37W 27 km ESE
EP46346 6-Jul-1987 16-Jul-1993 2202 days (6 yrs)
Kittiwake Dunmore East (Co Waterford) Bay of Biscay (Spain) Caught on fish-hook
Pullus/chick (1) 52.09N,07.00W
EN95587 Jul_1988 Nov_1992 4 yrs
Kittiwake Dunmore East (Co Waterford) Cumbria (England) [Recovered]
52.09N,07.00W c.1990 (2 birds)
Kittiwake Dunmore East (Co Waterford) Rockabill Island (Co Dublin) Colour-ring read in field
Pullus/chick (1) 52.09N,07.00W 53.36N,06.01W 174 km NNE
EB63944, colour-ring A45 6-Jul-1987 21-Jun-1989 716 days (2 yrs)
Kittiwake Dunmore East (Co Waterford) Stranraer, Dumfries & Galloway (Scotland) Killed by overhead wires
Pullus/chick (1) 52.09N,07.00W
EN95579 Jun_1988 Oct_1988 4 months
Kittiwake Dunmore East (Co Waterford) Kvanefjord (Greenland) Shot
Pullus/chick (1) 52.09N,07.00W 61.57N,49.35W 2777 km WNW
EB63991 6-Jul-1987 17-Sep-1988 439 days (1.2 yrs)
Kittiwake Dunmore East (Co Waterford) Ballycotton (Co Cork) Colour-ring read in field
Adult 52.09N,07.00W
colour-ringed Jun_1988 (also seen Dec_1988) Sep_1988
Kittiwake Dunbar Harbour, Lothian (Scotland) Dunmore East (Co Waterford) Controlled/recaptured
Pullus/chick (1) 56.00N,02.31W 52.09N,07.00W 518 km SW
17-Jun-1976 16-Jul-1987 4046 days (11 yrs)
Kittiwake Dunmore East (Co Waterford) Dunmore East (Co Waterford) Field record (ring read)
Pullus/chick (1) 52.09N,07.00W 52.09N,07.00W 0 km
EF99232 5-Jul-1974 18-May-1987 & 19-Jun-1987 4700 & 4762 days (13 yrs)
Kittiwake Vedoya, Rost, Nordland (Norway) Tramore (Co Waterford) Found dead
Adult (8) 67.29N,12.01E 52.10N,07/09W 1998 km SSW
KA00690 23-Jun-1982 24-Jan-1984 215 days
Kittiwake Dunmore East (Co Waterford) Various sites in Wexford, Cork, & France Colour-rings read in field
Pulli/chicks (1) 52.09N,07.00W (Irish Birds 2004, vol.7, no. 3: pp. 351-360) or other ring-recoveries
colour-ringed 1987-89 up to 2004
Guillemot Highland [other than Canna] (Scotland) Co Waterford, 1990 [Recovered]
Guillemot Great Saltee (Co Wexford) Tramore strand Found dead
Pullus/chick (1) 52.06N,06.37W
25-Jun-1985 29-Dec-1985 187 days
Guillemot Canna, Inner Hebrides (Scotland) Tramore Bay (Co Waterford) Killed in salmon net
GJ33928 Jul_1982 May_1983
Razorbill Great Saltee (Co Wexford) Helvick Head (Co Waterford) Recovered from fishing nets
52.06N,06.37W c.1989 (6 birds)
Razorbill Canna, Inner Hebrides (Scotland) Off Brownstown Head (Co Waterford) Killed in salmon net
N45808 Jun_1982 May_1983
Puffin Sule Skerry, Orkney (Scotland) Helvick Head (Co Waterford), c.1989 [Recovered] [fishing net?]


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