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Fiddown: south channel of R Suir, upstream from Bridge

I-WeBS counts - peaks; 5-yr means; latest winter
Fiddown / Tibberoughney

Grid reference:  S41/S42 – S4619 west to S4321
Ordnance Survey Discovery map:  #75

Habitat:  River Suir, wooded island, riverside marshes and pasture.
Typical birds:  Wintering Teal, Cormorant, Greylag Goose, Whooper Swan, Golden Plover; resident Water Rail, Long-tailed Tit, breeding Blackcap.
Scarcer species:  Garden Warbler, wintering Common Sandpiper.

Access:  From Coolfin (see site-account), Fiddown Bridge is just a few km to the north-west, on the Carrick-on-Suir road.  From Carrick-on-Suir, take the Waterford road and cross the bridge at Fiddown near the oil storage depot. The roads to (or from) Carrickbeg can also offer good views of the Suir.  The best vantage points (especially when checking for Greylag Geese at Tibberoughney) are reached by taking a left turn, steeply uphill, just west of Fiddown Bridge on the Waterford side, then turning right at the T-junction at the top of the hill and stopping at various points .

In winter, good numbers of Cormorants and duck are usually present on the River Suir here, or slightly up- or down-river from the bridge.  Up to several hundred Teal are regularly present, and Tufted Duck and Goldeneye were formerly fairly regular.  In recent winters, part of the Greylag Geese and Whooper Swan flocks that formerly wintered mainly at Coolfin/Portnascully have grazed in fields near Tibberoughney Bog, on the Kilkenny shore.  The low-lying island at Fiddown Bridge, immediately inside the Co Kilkenny border, is densely vegetated with reeds, willows and other scrub.  The island is of interest botanically and for its variety of breeding birds, including Water Rail and warblers.   Several pairs of Blackcaps breed on the island and along the adjacent Kilkenny and Waterford banks of the Suir; Garden Warbler have occasionally been recorded, and may have bred in the past. 

Part of Tibberoughney Bog (Co. Kilkenny)

Fiddown / Tibberoughney

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