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Site guide: Portally Cove

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Portally Cove
Grid reference:  X69 - X672992
Ordnance Survey Discovery map:  # 76

Habitat:  Gardens & scrub, small beach, sea-cliffs.
Main interest:  Passerine migrants (good potential but under-watched); breeding Kittiwakes.
Scarcer species & rarities: Twite.
AccessPortally is 3 km west of Dunmore on the coast road and is signposted.  Best approached along the coast road west from Dunmore East.  The cove is signposted, but parking & turning is limited.

Further details:

There is a small breeding colony of Kittiwakes on the east side, out at the mouth of the cove. Fulmars, Shags and Herring Gulls also nest.  Although the cliff walk between Dunmore East and Portally is short and relatively safe, birds are usually scarce with perhaps a handful of Herring Gulls, Choughs and breeding Fulmars at Red Head, nearest Dunmore.

The glen, and small broad-leaved plantation, leading down to the small beach can be productive for common passerine migrants, and there is potential for rarities.  If time allows, visits to Brownstown Head in the right conditions (especially E to SE winds in late autumn) should be combined with coverage of Portally, Rathmoylan and Ballymacaw.

Portally Cove

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