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Irish Bird Report / Irish Rare Bird Report records

other published records
Irish Bird Report / Irish Rare Bird Report records
The pages below list all accepted Co Waterford records published in the annual Irish Bird Report (IBR) 1953-2004 or Irish Rare Bird Report (IRBR) 2005-2009 (over 1400 records of 167 species for the 57-year period).  Note that some records may have appeared in the IBR or IRBR covering a different (generally later) year, but year quoted here is year of occurrence.  Where published records have been amended or rejected in later reports, this is noted.  Information listed for each record is as published in IBR or IRBR, with exception of minor spelling mistakes in site-names; some additional comments or corrections [bracketed] have been added based on unpublished information available to the website compilers.   Criteria used for inclusion of species or records in the IBR varied somewhat from year to year, thus it should not be assumed that lack of records or counts for particular years means that the species was not recorded in Co Waterford.  In addition, not all relevant Waterford records for earlier years were submitted for these reports. However, it is hoped that most older records will be submitted to the IRBC and included in future IBRs. 
From the 1975 IBR onwards (published in 1976), these annual reports have been included in the annual journal Irish Birds published by BirdWatch Ireland.   Uupdated 17 December 2011.


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